Favorite Places to Eat

I have visited some awesome restaurants, these are some of my favorite places to eat in Florida.

This is one of my absolute favorite places to eat, for an all out vegan dinner where everything is vegan go to Ethos Vegan Kitchen in Orlando.

Another all vegan and gluten free experience visit Erin McKennas Bakery for some sweet desserts this is in Orlando.

Here are some more of my favorite places to eat that are not strictly vegan but have options on the menu.

Another Orlando Favorite is Blaze Pizza, they aren’t strictly vegan and gluten free but have options and will take precautions.

Another jackpot in Orlando is Seasons 52, went here for my daughters birthday this place was very classy.

Went south and discovered a gem at Anna Maria Island, Mr. Bones BBQ, has great vegan options on the menu.

Visited Ybor City found another great place, The Stone Soup Company.

Favorite places to eat that you have to build the vegan options.

I love Chipotle what vegan doesn’t know about this place?

Our new favorite is Tijuanna Flats,  I love the refried bean tacos they are super amazing.


I haven’t been to too many places yet but these are by far amazing. I love the fact that some of the restaurants have great vegan options, it makes it easy to go out to eat with my omni family. It always helps to go on a search with google before you go somewhere, this gives you awesome new options and maybe new places to try. Though for my birthday I may make my family try an all vegan place 😉

If you have some suggestions of places to eat let me know I would love to try to find some more places, maybe give me a reason to get out of town.