My Vegan Story

My Vegan Story

written by Lindy B.

Growing up I was raised to eat meat, my dad was a hunter and fisherman. See how I overcame the mind obstacles as I share my vegan story. I read how I transitioned read here.

I always struggled with eating meat but this is what I was taught so I did it. Never did like hunting and always prayed my dad would never get anything when he took me with him. ( Yeah he probably wouldn’t like to know that) He never did thank God! I wouldn’t eat anything that I met, I remember refusing to eat Sam (this little pig my dad raised) and the crabs my friends killed when I played with them.

This is why I believe I was born to be vegan. I never wanted to eat meat but I was raised different.

Fast forward to 2015 here is my vegan story, my husband and I decided to make the best decision of our lives which was going vegan. Not only do I feel good health wise since making the change I feel better mental wise. Knowing I am doing my part now to help make this world better and live with more compassion.

I love this vegan life I live.

All of the different foods that I never knew I would love. All of the experimenting has been so much fun, almost everyone besides my husband eats meat. I love to invite them over and fix them food that shocks them, it is the best feeling. If I can make people actually feel as if they can live the best life I feel I have accomplished a lot.

Now I am gluten free also, I didn’t know gluten has caused most of my stomach issues I have had all my life.  You can read about my gluten struggle here.

I thought my life had changed after going vegan but oh the struggle of going gluten free on to or that. Good bye seitan! I loved seitan it was so good but oh well. Going vegan was easy to me but gluten free vegan has been a new challenge and I have grown to love the new dare of it all.

This is my husbands transformation story if you’d like to read it also 🙂

I would love to hear your story:) your amazing journey. In fact I’d love for you to share with me maybe it would help someone who thinks they cannot make the change. Contact me here @

Thank you for letting me share my journey with you!