On A Budget?

I know that most times I like to save money, I’m not a spender like my husband. I’m a vegan on a budget.

I love to save as much where ever I can.

I wrote a post on how to be a Frugal Vegan , I was trying to save some money and had a very limited budget. Now I try to keep my weekly grocery budget to about $150 a week and most weeks I stick to it, It is nice when I’m trying to save money for something.

Trying to save money every where I can. Most importantly when it comes to eating vegan you can definitely do it. People get the wrong image about vegan they think it is expensive,it can actually be the opposite. Just think if you don’t need to buy meat you can buy extra veggies, it is very cost effective I believe. I love to buy dried beans and make a big pot of beans that lasts for days.

I know people save by couponing but must vegan food doesn’t have usually have coupons. If you really look you can save a fortune. We love our veggies also but what I like is to go to my local fruit stand. I went to the grocery store and needed ginger at the store. At the store it was $6.99 a lb, I went to the fruit stand the ginger there was $1.99 a lb. What?! That’s just crazy, boy they like to rip you off.