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Appreciative Runner

TweetI have amazing news for those of you that saw my earlier post about my love hate relationship with running. You can read it HERE if you didn’t yet but I have grown to appreciate running!! Yes me!! I have learned to focus on breathing instead of my hate and that keeps my mind focused enough […]

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Transformation Tuesday

TweetRead the story of my husbands amazing Transformation Tuesday! My husband is awesome, I will tell you an amazing story of amazing dedication when I get to the end I’ll wow your socks off on this transformation tuesday. When we met he weighed around 260 lbs but when we were dating he dropped to around […]

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Frugal Vegan

TweetMy husband and I have struggled for a while now. We have a construction business and it is a tad bit hard to get off the ground in a town full of construction businesses. So one thing I have learned is how to be frugal and now I’m a frugal vegan. One of the biggest […]

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