Store Bought Vegan Essentials

There are so many options out there now if you want to a live plant based more cruelty free life, here are a few that have helped me transition and made the switch so much easier. Welcome to my favorite list of my store bought vegan essentials.

veganMayo- I love mayonnaise & this brand is awesome! Hampton Creek get’s 2 thumbs up from me!! I was strictly a Hellman’s girl before I went vegan but this was so good I never felt as if I was missing a thing. This along with their dressings are great.




Essential Vegan SwitcheroosIce Cream- I’m a ice cream aholic these are awesome choices to stay dairy free! Ben & Jerry’s & So Delicious   Cashew Milk is my fav espesh the salted caramel. Oh my word!! I love them ALL but calorie wise I won’t eat the Ben & Jerry’s but for like a special occasion.



Essential Vegan SwitcheroosSour Cream & Cream Cheese- Sour Cream & Cream Cheese is fabulous by Tofutti. This is a great brand, it’s great to find supplements that make our lives easier espesh the transition phase.




veganCheese- Follow Your Heart is my favorite, I really like making a grilled cheese with this.. So yummy!! I was using Daiya but I didn’t like it unless it was melted but this brand tastes just like cheese even when it is eaten raw.


veganButter- This plant based butter by Earth Balance is by far awesome! The sticks are also pure delightful!!




vegan Oh my goodness I love this stuff, I couldn’t live without it. I didn’t quite love my coffee like I used to UNTIL I found this gem. Oh this is heavenly!!




veganPeanut Butter- All peanut butter is vegan but this brand by Earth Balance is 100% Natural and not processed.




veganCookie DoughI found the most amazing cookie dough and it’s also gluten free Sweet Loren Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk. It was so good not many made it to the oven the ones that did were ahhh-mazing!





veganThis is my favorite bread I have found that is both vegan and gluten free. In fact I wrote about my love affair with this bread HERE. It tastes so much like real bread and I espesh love the cinnamon & raisin it’s so yummy, look for Little Northern Bakehouse at your health food store. 



vegan gluten free soy curls

These are awesome little meat fillers. Like if you need to add them to soup or stirfry or even a barbque sandwich. I actually have a post I wrote about these awesome yumminess HERE. I also made a “Chickless” & Dumplings out of these that was stupendous. So far I have only found these on Amazon.







veganBob Red Mill Pancake Mix is a great easy ready mix. This is vegan by it’s self but to make the pancakes is not, so here is my add in recipe post to give you suggestions on that.





You can click on the pic or name brand for more information!