Beauty Products on a Budget

Living an all natural life means doing DIY beauty products or items you use daily.

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DIY beauty products

Just look at the toxic-ness of this store bought body wash && it’s unscented, ick. DIY beauty products have been my saving grace, for one have you seen the prices of store bought products? Ouch they hurt…. And two I would rather know what I am using is non toxic and cruelty free, although a lot of products now are cruelty free not all are great for you.

DIY beauty products

This brand I use to love but it still is a little high on the toxic scale, I did find this brand Alaffia Black Soap Body Wash that wasn’t to high on the scale.

DIY beauty products

But enough with that this is about DIY beauty products, I found some great ones that are definitely lower on the toxic scale than any of my findings. My favorite soap to use with this is Dr. Bronners Lavender and Almond Castile soap. I use this for everything literally everything but especially body wash, foaming hand soap and I make the best pet wash with it. I’ll make a post about that soon.

I love to make my own DIY beauty products like I make this sea salt texture spray that is great. Store bought is like $6 mine is like the price of salt, yeah pretty excited about that. I’m all about saving money on the plus side there aren’t fillers or additives.

I have found this make-up it is extremely well priced and vegan it is my favorite by far based on the price. It isn’t DIY beauty products, I haven’t learned to make make-up yet but when I do…… Prepare for share fest.