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Living Positive Beats Depression

Expect nothing in life, you will never be disappointed.

My life hasn’t always been positive, I have had my share of ups and downs. Sometimes things I did made me very ashamed, and I can’t believe I did those things, I could have been depressed. But those hard times, shameful times made me into the positive person I am today. Honestly, I would not have changed a thing!

Growing up with nothing and still to this day I don’t have a lot but I have my family and my positive nature that makes my life the best life ever. I regret nothing, yes like I said I have done things that I am not proud of but it is in the past. I learn from my mistakes and look forward to always do better. We have our future, if we always look to the past wishing we could change it, you will never have a great future.

Chin up buttercup!

So you made bad credit decisions, maybe you weren’t the best parent whatever it may be, don’t worry about it. What is done is done but now make your future better have a more positive life. Spend more time with your kids, don’t buy things you don’t need. Be better than you were it’s up to you, you put your own pants on this morning or at least most of us do.

Nowadays with social media, it’s so hard not to get upset. People always posting negative images or posts or even commenting negatively.  Save yourself the frustration ignore it or respond positively, you never know why people do or say what they do.  You can get 200 compliments and one negative comment, you can choose to dwell on that one comment or be confident with you and not care.

Love yourself, embrace your past, and enjoy your future. You are awesome believe it and you are beautiful. Even if your present isn’t all sunshine and rainbows just remember the rainbow comes after the storm. It will get better trust me, I have been there and still going through it. But it doesn’t seem so bad when you keep positive and know it will be ok.

I’d love to hear from you, leave me a comment. Let me know if this was helpful or if I’m a babbling idiot. I promise I’m not a happy go lucky goody goody… well I am pretty happy go lucky. I’m one of those morning people lol I just love life and all that will happen one day.

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