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Streak Free Glass Cleaner Recipe

The absolute best DIY glass cleaner I have found that works.

I love all things that are DIY non-toxic, I especially like to make my own because hello have you looked at the prices of some of that non-toxic stuff? Although sometimes it’s nice to just buy it if you have the stuff to make it why not? I ran across this awesome streak-free glass cleaner recipe and I must say. My windows an mirrors look amazing like absolutely no streaks mirror so clean I can see what I actually look like. Oh vey! Maybe I should leave them dirty…

glass cleaner


Ever used vodka to clean with I mean most of us just drink it but cleaning… it does wonders and it makes perfect glass cleaner. I don’t know what makes the glass so clean if it is the cornstarch or the alcohol or maybe the vinegar. I remember as a girl I would clean my grand man house for extra money, she had severe asthma so I needed to use vinegar and water to clean everything with. I’m not too fond of vinegar smell by itself, I like a little more of a scent but for my grandma, she couldn’t handle the smell. Why is that? I’ll tell you I cleaned houses on the side as a stay at home mom and after a while, my lungs couldn’t handle strong cleaner smells and eventually I started using my own non-toxic fume free versions. Here is the recipe I used:

Streak Free Glass Cleaner


  • 1 1/4 cup distilled water
  • 1/2 cup 80 proof vodka
  • 1 Tbsp corn starch
  • 1/4 cup vinegar
  • A few drops of essential oils of your choice
  • Spray bottle


  1. Mix all ingredients in bottle.
  2. Spray on windows or mirrors.

I absolutely love this stuff. I quit using paper towels, I now use microfiber lint free cloths. These are great for the environment and cost less. They may cost a little more at the beginning but then you can reuse them that’s a win-win for me.

I would love to hear if you have tried this recipe or even if you more environment saving ideas.



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