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Vegan Cleaners You Can Feel Good About

Vegan Cleaners

Vegan Cleaners, I love this cruelty free life. When I use something that wasn’t tested on animals and is made with plants, it makes me feel good. Then life throws you another curve ball, as in having to eliminate gluten. Believe it or not gluten is in everything including cleaning products that get into your skin!! But have no fear this problem is easier to solve than you think.  I will share with you what I am using that is Vegan, Cruelty, Gluten and Toxic Free Cleaning products. Where I usually find it and if it’s expensive or not. Making my own cleaner’s is what I love but there are times I just don’t feel like it so these are what I like to use.

vegan,gluten, cruelty and toxic free cleaning

You can also click on the names of products and you can buy it from Amazon. It is an affiliate link but costs you nothing just gives me a percentage to keep my blog going, every little bit helps 🙂 Thank you!

Vegan, Cruelty, Gluten and Toxic Free Cleaning

5 ***** My favorite

vegan cleanersDr. Bronner’s~ This stuff is amazing, I like to buy a bottled use it for everything. I use 1/2 cup in my laundry along with 1/4 cup baking soda then vinegar for fabric softener. When your laundry drys it smells nothing but clean I love that.  I love the lavender and almond I make homemade dog wash with it. 




4 **** Go to this if I have to.

vegan cleanersDetergent by Seventh Generation is my one of my favorites, it smells lovely and is plant based. It is less dirty in toxins than the rest thats why it is at 4****.


vegan cleanersFabric Softener by Seventh Generation ~ This is fairly cheap and can be found at most stores, this brand is the best store bought in my opinion. It is less non the dirty list for strong scent additives.

2 ** Won’t buy this but it is vegan, gluten, cruelty, and toxic free it is a little higher on the dirty scale.

vegan cleanersEcos Detergent~ This fairly cheap and I found it at Publix, Walmart and our local health food store. I got lavender it smelled nice but not strong. 

vegan cleanersMethod Detergent~  This is fairly cheap also and I found it only at Publix. It smells amazing, not too strong. They also make softener also but I haven’t tried it.

vegan cleanersMeyer’s Dryer Sheets~  I found these at Publix and my local health food store they were quite expensive but smelled nice not sure it helped make my clothes smell good or not though. They also make fabric softener and detergent that smell great but like I said a little more pricey. This brand does not state on their products vegan or gluten free but after checking with their company they are, just can’t certify that they are vegan and gluten free.

vegan cleaners

 Harsh chemical smells always get to me and I can’t use them. You can get any type of cleaner you need without all those harsh smells that’s Vegan, Cruelty, Gluten and Toxic Free Cleaning. 

5***** A must use

vegan cleanersDr. Bronner’s~ I told you I use this stuff for everything and I meant it. This makes a great floor cleanerI use 1/4 cup per 1 gallon of hot water, it leaves my floors feeling amazing. I use it as a great all purpose spay add 1/4 cup spry bottle then fill with water, these leave your house smelling amazing. I wouldn’t recommend for dish soap though it doesn’t clean the dishes.


5***** A must use for dishes

vegan cleanersSeventh Generation ~ I really can’t get enough of this product. Most of the products can be found at Walmart, Publix or health food store. It’s cheap also so won’t hurt your pocket book. You can get toilet cleaner, dishwasher soap, dish soap, anti-bacterial spray and window spray. I use the dish soap and dish washer soap.


A lot of my bathroom cleaning supplies I bought from my local health food store that is Vegan, Cruelty, Gluten and Toxic Free Cleaning but I’ve loved to just make my own also here are some recipes I’ve found toilet bowl cleaner, shower cleaner and window cleaner. Under construction I will update the post as soon as I can.

These DIY’s are so cheap! Being on a budget it sure helps to get cheap cleaning if you need to! If you switch to vinegar fabric softener its so cheap, I get a big jug for less than $3 a small bottle of fabric softener is like $5. Your clothes don’t even smell like vinegar once dry.

You can always follow my Pintrest Favorite DIY board!

If you have any other helpful cleaning tips share them I’m always open for new suggestions. I’d love to hear from you!


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