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Need a Gluten Free Encouragement?

We all need a little gluten free encouragement! It’s been a year since I last had a bite of gluten. If you do not know my reason as to why I went gluten free read it here A Gluten Free Diet. How do I feel now? Well I’m glad you asked.

gluten free encouragement

I feel great it has actually taken about a year for everything to acclimate. When I first changed, I saw immediate results in my digestion issues. I had every issue in the book believe me. I had Gluten ataxia, what is gluten ataxia?

It took a little longer with the neurological issues. After about three months I swore it was getting better. I could walk straighter, talking wasn’t as hard, my writing was getting better.

Then it wasn’t~ I felt as if I was at a plateau of sorts, nothing was getting worse but was definitely back to the same feeling. I was getting sort of frustrated that I was not getting better at all, I definitely needed some gluten free encouragement.

The studies I was reading said that the damage that gluten causes maybe irreversible but I was trying to strengthen my muscles. I focus on walking straight, talking clearer and writing better but nothing was getting better. Until now….

The week before my gluten-versary I began to really notice. My talking is clearer and not as hard to do, my writing was getting better and my walking was straighter again. Yay I even don’t look drunk when I talk, my eyes are not slow anymore. Maybe I’ll start doing video vlogs who knows? 

gluten free encouragement

This handsome guy is gluten free also. “If I can do it anybody can.” ~Oozie

So I really want to give some gluten free encouragement to all of you fellow degluteners. Don’t give up; keep at it, even when you feel as if it isn’t doing a thing it is. Besides I believe everyone can benefit from a gluten free diet.

Flour has been processed so much that I think it is the leader of all ailments. Pre-gluten free days I had some African girls come stay with me for a couple of days (and when I say African it’s because they were from Africa) but she made us a traditional African meal. The bread was amazing but she said our flour is so funny and harder to work with than theirs. Why is that? Ok I won’t get into conspiracy theories but one can question what is wrong with our flour.

Anyways sorry for rambling, just keep at it don’t get discouraged it may take longer to get adjusted than you think. If you want to share your story or why your are going or are gluten free I would love to hear from you.  

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