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Be An All Natural Beauty

Going all natural

So by now most people who have read my blog, see that I really am into all things cruelty-toxic free.

Everything I use is cruelty-toxic free, I love it.  My hair color, on the other hand, was different but the smell kills me, it smells so chemically. So I after years with fighting the battle, I transitioned to have all natural hair or glitter. All natural gray hair sounds old and dull, and I’m not old and definitely not dull.

Deciding to have gray hair highlights aka all natural highlights has been an ongoing idea of mine. Finally, I decided to take it to the next level and be fabulous. I wrote a post a while ago about transitioning to gray but it was lost when I switched blog hosts and I fell off the wagon. Just didn’t yet see the gorgeousness of the beautiful gray hair effect.

I am not old, I saw my first strand of gray hair when I was a teenager.

So I have dyed my hair for what feels like forever and enough is enough. I’m tired of feeling as if I need to fit in with everyone else, being like everyone else is boring. I needed to let this beautiful all natural highlights shine.


Sort of feeling rebellious as I’ve gotten older, older meaning I’m not forty yet. There is this small desire in me to be different than the average person my age. See I was just tired of all the touch ups, dyeing, and all that jazz.

So my fabulous hairdresser Danielle Daugherty with Mia Bella Salon and Spa and I found a solution.  She just created light blonde highlights along with dark and did a toner that made the highlights grayish. Before long my own all natural highlights just grew out with it. If you go just ask Danielle for the Lindy color she’ll know what to do 😉

About twice a week I wash my hair with this amazing Just Nutritive Grey Hair shampoo and conditioner, it seems to strip the brass look out and it is all natural… Woot Woot!!

I love the fact my hair visits are way cheaper now and less maintenance. I save so much money all I pay for is a haircut. So let your all natural gray hair flag wave, who cares what others think you are beautiful no matter your hair color.

Now that it is all grown out everyone loves it, I get asked all the time who does my hair because it is so cool. My reply is well nature and I absolutely love it.

Have any of you felt like you just want to be you? Do you want gray fabulous hair? Do it! If you don’t that’s fine too if you like to pamper yourself then have fun 🙂 Be who you want to be, do what you want to do. I am over making everyone else happy as long as it doesn’t affect them why should they care?

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