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Transformation Tuesday

Read the story of my husbands amazing Transformation Tuesday!

My husband is awesome, I will tell you an amazing story of amazing dedication when I get to the end I’ll wow your socks off on this transformation tuesday. When we met he weighed around 260 lbs but when we were dating he dropped to around 230. 
Then we got married that is when he packed on the weight, at his highest it was 320. He stayed that way for awhile until we had a life changing experience, a beautiful experience. We hiked a segment of the Appalachian Trail and it was awesome but also an eye opener for him. From that moment on it was run full speed to changing his life. transformation tuesday
With a lean diet and quitting smoking he got down to about 230 lbs. Then he started cycling avidly even got rid of this vehicle and rode his bike everywhere. He dropped to about 200 lbs and he started getting into his diet more and got a book called The China Study by T. Colin Campbell which is about veganism and then we both together decided to try being vegetarian. That lasted about a week and it went so well we then decided to go all out and try vegan. It was a little challenging at first but then it became a way of life. My advice is to have a partner to be accountable to but if you don’t that’s ok you can do anything if you want it bad enough. Anyways back to the transformation of my hubby.
transformation tuesday
Cycling and our now vegan diet he was then a wopping 180!!!! I told you I’d wow your socks off, are your socks off? He was doing so good, then we had some unfortunate events go on in our life that made it hard for him to go riding. Without exercise he was starting to lose a little muscle tone that he worked so hard for. We joined a gym and started working on our muscle.
Then on cardio days I would go to the trail and run a little. My hubby decided to do it with me and then that was the beginning of a crazy running machine, he fell in love! I wrote my love hate relationship with running here. He went full out and in 4 months he was running around 52 miles a week. We exercise about an hour everyday and you want to know what his weight is today? Prepare to lose another pair of socks! Ready for it? Between 155 and 160!! Woohoo I’m super proud of this man!! 
We have now been vegan for 2 years and counting to add even more complication to the matter we are now gluten free for about 7 months. I wrote about my gluten experience here.  We have never felt so good! So I just told you all of this to show you, you can do it too. You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to do! You don’t need fad diets or shakes, you can do it with just eating healthy and exercise. Whatever your struggle is, you can conquer it. I believe in you!! Let me know your story on this Transformation Tuesday, it doesn’t even have to be Tuesday it can be any day. My story isn’t as transforming but it’s a story.

2 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday

  1. Inspirational. Thank you for sharing! I’m only 3 months into my vegan lifestyle, also trying to get into running. Just finished my first 5k jogging the whole thing (unfortunately one of my knees swelled significantly) and lastly also recently added gluten free to the mix. Ive lost about 35lbs and still have about 30-35 to go.

    1. Awesome!! This Saturday I’m running my second 5k with the hopes of actually jogging the whole thing also my first one was a walk run so we will see how I do. He’s doing a 10k Saturday. You will definitely lose the weight just focus on your goal. 🙂

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