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Favorite Vegan Eating at Ethos Vegan Kitchen

If you ever visit central Florida one of my favorite vegan eating places is Ethos Vegan Kitchen.

It is so yummy and very popular as every time we have been there, the place is packed. You have a variety of foods you can choose from and it is a vegan eating heaven. Now I don’t believe that everyone that eats there is vegan but that is what makes it more amazing. That nonvegans love it!

ethos-vegan-kitchen ethos-vegan-kitchen

This is what makes it easy to bring friends to Ethos Vegan Kitchen because it has a very casual modern feel and very contemporary feel.  My goal in life is to make people feel as if vegan is not giving up everything good and all we eat is cardboard. I bake amazing dishes and have a dinner party, I love to amaze them. Having a place to go makes it all the better I give it 5 stars as the most wonderful place with pleasant waitstaff.

ethos-vegan-kitchen ethos-vegan-kitchen

Another thing about Ethos Vegan Kitchen that makes them amazingly awesome is that they are 100% vegan so there is nothing to worry about. To not have to worry about your food makes it great. Yeah you can go places that have vegan options but to know that there is nothing that will be a cross contamination is a great feeling.

ethos-vegan-kitchen ethos-vegan-kitchen

My only complaint and quite literally my only one, I’ll definitely eat there anyways. They do not have many gluten free options they have them of course but there is only 4 options. Those options are amazing though my favorite is the blackened tempe it’s to die for.

ethos-vegan-kitchen ethos-vegan-kitchen ethos-vegan-kitchen

Then one item will always return for is the item I always save room for also. Their old fashion milkshakes, omg they are so good. Have I ever mentioned that I love ice cream? They are so rich and creamy and the whip cream oh my so light and yummy. Holy foodgasim in my mouth! 


To top it off we finished with a vanilla soy latte how about that.

Then we left there 2 happy people!


Ethos Vegan Kitchen
601-B South New York Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789
407-228-3898 407-228-3899 321-972-4019 fax


So tell me do you know any awesome restaurants? Tell me about it so I can put it on my list!

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