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Frugal Vegan

My husband and I have struggled for a while now. We have a construction business and it is a tad bit hard to get off the ground in a town full of construction businesses. So one thing I have learned is how to be frugal and now I’m a frugal vegan. One of the biggest false statements I have heard is “It’s so expensive being vegan”. Blah blah blah people can be so naive. I mean hello (hands wave in their face) how much is steak going for now? What!? You paid like $50 bucks on a rib roast?! Quit saying it’s too hard that’s not an excuse you want to eat meat? To each his own but if you want to become vegan don’t listen to others, let me show you how I have become a frugal vegan.

We live week to week so recently we had nothing coming in. We had my little paycheck and that is not enough but by the grace of God we made it. One week, in particular, we had $100 for groceries. Ok, that seems like a good amount of money. But on a regular week, my family of 4 spends $250 thanks to the rise in food costs. I think we need to go back to the old days and grow on own stuff. This buying crap is for the birds. But anyways yeah so I had $100 for a week of groceries. Guess what?! This frugal vegan did it!! Just look at my $100 loot!

frugal vegan

It actually was easy peasy we should do this monthly. Or maybe every other week to save more money when we have it coming in. It’s a good idea!! I bought a lot of dried beans, rice, quinoa, some fresh veggies, some frozen veggies, polenta, oatmeal, tofu, tempe and more that was needed. I buy the corn tortillas make some homemade corn chips. It’s all in picking and choosing, living off beans and rice can get boring. So change it up cook up some tempe with veggies and quinoa.  Polenta sliced medallions topped with chickpea (can of chickpeas) salad and caramelized onions. Pinterest is my best friend you can find almost any recipe. All this is cheap, not expensive and if your budget and only get what you need not what you want you will succeed in your goal.

I have actually been doing a lot of cutting back on items. Let me share! Like feminine products, I use a pixie cup now and I love it, less waste and less waste of money too! I got one like 10 months ago and I’m still using it. I have not had to buy a tampon one!! Also make all of my cleaners like all-purpose, glass, shower, fabric softener. I will share my recipes I have found and love. I have tried so many but these ones are the best.  In future posts I will share everything that has made my life easier. Easier on the mind and easier on the pocket book.

You have any questions for me? I’ll give you as much advice I can give. If you have frugal ideas to share I am always looking to save a penny so share away!

We people of the frugal world need to stick together!

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