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Desert Essence Vegan Toothpaste


Disclaimer: I WAS NOT given a free sample of this for my review, I reviewed this product because I love it!

This Desert Essence is the one brand of toothpaste we have used since deciding to care about what goes in our body. We found this first and haven’t changed due to it’s awesome. Actually I was starting to have tooth pain but when I started using this tea tree oil blend my tooth pain has disappeared. The best thing about this brand is that it is vegan, cruelty free and gluten free. So not only does it not have animal products in it nor do they don’t harm any animals in the process, it is also gluten free. Since learning I was sensitive to gluten it is wonderful to know I won’t be putting gluten in my mouth even though I am not eating it. 

The grossest thing is that toothpaste. Most brands contain glycerin which consists of animal fat, ewww so you brush your teeth with animal fat? Super gross! I love toothpaste that don’t harm animals and leaves my mouth clean. The store bought brands leave your teeth feeling clean but it’s a faux feeling,  I couldn’t use it now. No way that just is gross vegan or not. My focus has changed to the point of everything cruelty free. So I will search and let you know about what I’ve found. This brand is a little bit more expensive but not by much and it’s worth it to pay that extra penny. 

If you can’t find this at you local super market. It is ok you can find it at most health food stores or Amazon I’ll share the links. My reason for going this route is for peace of mind and my health. 

Try the other flavors too, we tried the cinnamint and that was amazing too.

I will try the others soon.


Desert Essence Toothpaste- Tea Tree Oil

D E Mouthwash- Tea Tree Oil

Desert Essence Toothpaste- Cinnamint

D E Mouthwash- Cinnamint

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