Vegan Gluten Free Store Bought Bread


Since going gluten free on top of being vegan, it has been a chore to find the best vegan gluten free store bought bread. That is, a bread as close to bread bread as possible. Here’s the story how I stumbled upon Little Northern Bakehouse. It was the first time actually that I had to buy *GF bread and I was out of town. I ran across this awesome bad boy and gave it a try, I was hooked. Only to have forgotten it on said vacation likely to never find it again. Oh woah is me!

This is when the search started but ever since I had a taste of manna from heaven, nothing could compare. I decided to go to the same store I bought it but in a different town and found it. I did a happy dance here and bought the store out. But when I ran out and went back they were out also. It was the end of the world as we know it. So then they opened up an Earth Fare store close to me and now I go there weekly and stock up. This girl right here is happy.

Now on to my review:

I LOVE this bread we eat the hamburger buns and cinnamon raisin among the original grains and seeds. It has the closest consistency and texture to bread out there. Trust me I have tried many and it doesn’t compare. It makes the perfect sandwich as well as a *V grilled cheese and fried PB & J which is amazing. It toasts up perfectly much like regular bread especially the cinnamon and raisin which is heavenly. The buns are great also I make a mean portabella burger.

I have yet to try the hot dog¬†buns but I am feverishly trying to find them so I can make me a *V *GF chili dog, don’t worry I’ll post a picture of that beautiful monstrosity. The only complaint I have is that it is hard to find, even at the main store I go to sometimes doesn’t have it. That store is an hour a way so if we could get it locally I’d be happier but that is not their fault though. They just made a great bread and now the demand is getting ¬†higher.


Fried PB & J


BBQ Soy Curl Sandwhich w/coleslaw & Vegan mac and cheese

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