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Easy Ways to Transition to Vegan

I have been vegan for almost two years; I could never imagine myself ever going back. Being vegan is different from being vegetarian. Vegetarian’s they don’t eat meat but a vegan does not eat meat or anything derived from animals. So no meat, dairy, eggs or even honey.  I love this plant based life style so much and I love the peace I feel after every meal, so continue to read and I will give you some examples on how to Vegan Yourself. 

I believe I was born to be vegan so maybe this is why it was so easy for me but my husband loved the carnivore life. Until, he the wanted to live the healthiest lifestyle he could. This is a how to do it not a what to eat, my advice is google is your friend he can tell you so much more than I can but when in doubt read the ingredients and choose nothing with animal products in it. So here is a guide of how we changed over from carnivore to herbivore. 

Vegan Yourself

  1. First you need to ask yourself “Why do I want to do this?”

Why? What is the reason you want to begin your journey to Vegan Yourself? Got that reason? Now hold on to it. 

Your reason could be for your health, for the animals or for the environment. If you are like us your reason will change or expand, ours started out for our health which of course it still is the reason but it has expanded. We wanted a healthier lifestyle; we started working out and knew this is what we wanted in being healthy. That reason though soon grew, once you start living the cruelty free life you start “really” living it. You no longer wish harm to any being and when you see it, it breaks your heart. Everything in your everyday life changes to cruelty free and chemical free products and you become more mindful. It really is a great living; when you are mindful of your reason you will stick to your goals.  

  1. Start Slow

You don’t have to do it cold turkey, just start somewhere. Even if you start vegetarian at least your starting. My husband and I started out vegetarian but within a week went vegan, there were a couple habits I had a hard time finding a vegan option that I liked. When I did I hit veganism full force and have never looked back and never will. Once you get far enough along and know what to look for and you don’t have to read every label, it’s easier than you think. 

  1. Have a partner

I can’t stress enough that my experience being vegan would have been much harder if my husband didn’t do it with me. I could be vegetarian I’m sure but when you are the main cook it would be hard to make separate meals every night, it would be easy to cheat. Now though the main meal I cook is vegan, my kids are old enough to cook what they want but they are always welcome to eat with us. If your kids are young veganize them with you life will be easier that way. If your single though it should be easy but get a friend to do it with you it keeps you accountable. So have a partner who wants to do this with you, they must want it like you do. Or just be strong where you can achieve anything on your own. You can do it! 

  1. Substitutions are everything

I hear it daily and even I said it, “I can’t be vegan because I love ___ so much.” For me it was ice cream, my life revolved around it. Everyone has their own vise but don’t fret many companies out there are making vegan options for everything. In fact on this blog I have a page dedicated to vegan switcharoos, see we have no excuse. Everything you love in your life can be veganized, it may not be exact but it is so close , you can DO it just hold on to your reason and it’ll taste better. Actually I have found that I love all the vegan switcharoos out there espesh the non dairy ice cream. There are a lot of foods though that are accidentally vegan you’d be surprised check them out. 

  1. Always have options

We always have options for us whether we are going out of town or riding in a car. Sometimes it’s not easy just to look for somewhere to eat. Even at home and you get a hankering for something but if you are prepared and really want to do this, you will. Have fruit around or vegan bars, peanut butter and jelly. We ate that a lot. Make you a sandwich to pack if you are going somewhere trust me you’ll be glad you did. If you are well prepared you won’t have a accidental slip up and fall off the vegan wagon. 

  1. It is not expensive

Eating vegan is not as expensive as some may think. Just think how much meat costs now take that out of the equation. Now you have money to buy more of what you need. It can be expensive if you start wanting the higher quality foods. Isn’t that the same if you want filet minion instead of hamburger? It is just what your reason is again, hold on to it be strong it gets so much easier. You can make a big pot of black eyed peas and rice for really cheap and it’s vegan.

Actually there are many foods that will surprise you that are vegan just check your labels. Certified vegan is always good but if your ingredients don’t have meat, dairy or eggs, your good. Check out this web site for a good list of vegan foods by the Huffington Post.

  1. Eat out!

We eat out, we just do our homework before. Let’s say someone wants us to go out to eat pick a place. Then google their menu and see what options they have. Chances are they have something but if they don’t look for other restaurants in the area that does. I’m sure your friends won’t mind switching if you ask. Once you find a place then you’ll know where you can eat for the future. 

  1. Use Pintrest

I love Pinterest! They have a million and one recipes out there for vegans. If you have a recipe you loved before, veganize it. I love taking recipes and switching things out sometimes it works, other times not so much. Try not to bore yourself with the same foods. Be creative I love to have my non vegan family over. Surprising my family by the foods I make makes me smile. They ALWAYS love it. I mean honestly should they question it anymore? You can check out my board of approved favorites


My final words are EVERYBODY can do this your brain has power over your want. Your fork goes to your mouth by your doing. So choose wisely what is on that fork or spoon whichever you prefer. I honestly love spoons because I can eat more ice cream. 


UPDATE: So now I am hitting my 3 year mark and I still love being vegan, I would NEVER go back. In this post I said if my husband decided to stop I’d have go vegetarian because it might be to hard but know this I will never change I love the way I feel physically and mentally. I am now gluten free also so now my eat list is a little bit more strict but I’ve gotten the hang of it and its easy peasy. Lastly I have this to say vegan is not a diet it is a lifestyle change, you will have a much easier time if you go into it as a new experience than if you keep searching for the taste of what you quit eating. Its different, look at it as different not what you think it should be.


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